1. Where do I find the massage business premise?
The Studio Ops only deals with mobile massage services. We have no business premises.

2. Is the Mobile Massage in Carlisle only? Is there a travel charge if I live elsewhere?
In Carlisle the Mobile massage service has no additional charge.
In the whole County, in    Cumbria    and    Dumfries, Galloway and Northern England There is a small travel charge, please inquire for details.

3. You just come to my home?
Yes. We only offer home massages. We are planning to introduce a new office massage service for everyone.

4. Where can I request an appointment?
Appointments can only be booked by phone or online at the Booking menu on our website.
We will contact you by e-mail within 24 hours of your order to confirm the appointment. The requested date and time may not be available. Therefore, please plan your appointment in advance.

5. What happens if the appointment was accepted?
We will come to you at the agreed time.
We provide: portable massage bed, massage oil or face cream, cellulite massage cream, sheets on massage bed, and soft relaxing music.

6. How can you pay?
We accept payments by debit or credit card.

7. Do I have to take my underwear off?
NO! however, it is worth experiencing the massage in as few clothes as possible, so it is more comfortable for you (shorts, trousers)

8. What if I fall asleep during a massage?
No problem, that means you’re completely relaxed, you’ve been able to turn off your brain and trust the masseure.

9. Is the masseure there when I undress?
I'll turn around, or I'll go out if you want.
Always remember that I am there to heal you or to preserve your health!

10. What should I do if I feel that the massage is too strong or too weak?
Feel free to tell me what your needs are. I'm not going to eat you 🙂
In any case, the point of the massage is not to hurt, because the muscles can spasm from too much pressure. According to some good advice, the strength of the massage should never be greater than 7 on a scale of 10!
And energetically it will definitely affect your wellbeing!

11. Should I talk to the masseur during the treatment?
You don't have to! I always adapt to my client's needs! Close your eyes calmly, and soft music will help you. Of course, if you want to talk, there are no obstacles. There are those who like to talk about the accumulated things, but there are also those who like the massage experience in silence.

12.   As a hotel or boarding house owner I'd like you to give a treatment on a regular basis for our clients, is it possible?
Yes, there is a possibility. Please contact us (on our contact page) Please describe in detail what do you want.

13. Studio Ops does not perform any erotic treatments!

We hope we can meet as soon as possible.

Thank You!.