Backache - why does my back hurt?

The massage can relieve or cure joint and muscle pain.

Constant stress causes muscle tension in the upper and lower back and neck muscles.
Emotional stress increases the spasm of already tense muscles. The masseuse professionally and effectively massages the muscle knots that cause recurring pain.
Nowadays, back and waist pain can often be traced back to a sedentary lifestyle. Due to the spread of work in home offices, even more people may experience problems that make everyday life miserable.

The WHO recommends 30 minutes of exercise twice a week, but it is advisable to spend more time exercising, protecting our body even in the case of physical or sedentary work.
Fortunately also other things can help. An example is massage, which has been helping to reduce or even completely eliminate various back pains for thousands of years.

The beneficial effects of massage

What organs and how does massage affect?

The shoulder muscle is one of the most frequently used muscle group in everyday life. It is enough to think of drivers and hairdressers, as well as those who do office or hard physical work. Monotonous work and the often crouched posture can tire the shoulders in a short time. With a massage, however, the shoulder is pleasantly relaxed, its load is reduced, and the relaxation of the muscles also has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

For those who work with computer, the deep muscles around the neck can quickly tire due to the bad posture. As a result of stress, the development of neck pain is also common. Thanks to the masseuse's work, the neck muscles can be effectively relaxed, thereby reducing the level of physical and mental tension.

In the case of back and spine problems, massage is proven to be useful for pain relief. Strained muscle bundles can move the vertebrae out of place and cause the spine to deform. With a massage, the sensitive points of the back, neck and shoulders are relaxed, so local blood circulation can be greatly improved.

What causes muscle fever after a massage?

The masseuse uses treatment for the purpose of moving the deep muscles, so he massages muscles and joints that we "didn't even know existed before". These deep, supporting muscles play a large and complex role in certain movements.
Of course, if someone is untrained, a massage is equivalent to a thorough exercise, this is determined by the type of massage.

Possible causes of back pain

1. Sedentary lifestyle:
This problem area is now examined by medicine as a separate field of research and is collectively called "sitting disease". Office workers, administrators, accountants, IT professionals and students struggle with this problem the most.
Pain in the lower part of the back is the main problem, which can clearly be associated with sitting for a long time in a wrong position on the office chair.

2. Stress:
We feel the burdensome consequences of everyday rushing life in our backs, shoulders, and necks: the stiff, spasmodic muscles resulting painful movements. Prolonged muscle tension causes muscle spasms, as a result of which muscle knots and painful points (trigger points) can easily form, causing chronic pain. Due to the constant tension, the balance of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments is disturbed, the neck and shoulder stiffens and the lumbar spine becomes tense.

3. Unhealthy lifestyle:
Improper lifestyle, low-quality nutrition, and lack of exercise can be the cause of many chronic diseases, and this can also be responsible for the development of various locomotor diseases.
Excess weight puts a significant load on the spine, strains the muscles and ligaments. With a proper diet and regular exercise, we can do a lot for the health of our spine.

High heel shoes

Since wearing high-heeled shoes shifts the center of gravity of our body, we have to lean forward while walking.
This puts extra pressure on our legs and our calves are less stretched between steps, which results sore lower back, which is not a pleasant experience despite the fashionable footwear.

Let's wear high heels less often and vote for lower heel shoes.

4. Natural aging processes:
The passage of time affects all the structures of our spine: discs lose their water content, ligaments become less flexible, small joints, vertebral bodies and muscles also undergo changes. Unfortunately, these lead to static-dynamic changes that cause spinal pain, weakness, numbness, and loss of sensation.

5. Injuries:
Sudden, poorly executed movements, whether during sports or even in everyday life, can lead to pain and, in severe cases, to limited mobility. Whatever the injury, it is worth contacting a specialist as soon as possible for professional care.

Despite the fact that back pain is a common phenomenon, in most cases it goes away without a visit to your doctor.

However, if your back pain lasts a long time, is very painful, prevents you from daily activities or gets worse, you should see your doctor immediately.

What is stress?

Stress is a physical and at the same time emotional state, which is typically caused by restlessness, worry and tension.

Under stress we mean a reaction to external or internal stimuli that triggers the body's defense mechanisms. On the other hand, in the colloquial language, the term is usually used to express continuous tension or persistent nervousness.
In many cases, stress is a necessary element of our everyday life. As a result of stress, we are often more motivated and perform better.

However, if stress that seems harmless at first persists for too long, it can cause not only psychological but also health consequences.

First we need to recognize the symptoms of stress so that we can reduce them effectively with, for example, the following activities:

- Exercise, gymnastics, dance, laughter
- Healthy food, less coffee and alcohol.
- Nurturing our relationships with family and friends.
- Hobbies, relaxation, recreation, enough sleep.
- Relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga, massage
- We should know where the limit is at work, and let's stick to it.
- Let's learn something new that interests us.