4 Massage Types

Swedish massage - Stress relieving Neck / Shoulder / Back massage - Facial rejuvenating massage - Slimming ( Cellulite ) massage / Body shaping massage

Swedish massage

Full body massage.

Are you struggling with tensed muscles or maybe muscle pain?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then the Swedish massage solution for your problem.
Everyday stress has an adverse effect on health, the functioning of our various organs, and makes our muscles tense, leading to muscle aches.
Swedish massage can be of great help in relieving tension, relieving muscle pain and restoring health.

What are the benefits of Swedish massage?

Swedish massage increases blood flow, helping the body's oxygen supply and the removal of toxins.
Helps muscle regenerate, shortens, reduces the symptoms of muscle fever, accelerates the removal of metabolic wastes from tissues,
who often suffer from back or low back pain, a Swedish massage may be a solution.

- Swedish massage enhances blood circulation without increasing the load on the heart
- The ligaments and tendons become more flexible
- It stimulates, rejuvenates the skin
- It calms the nerves
- Reduces the harmful effects of stress
- It has a relaxing and refreshing effect at the same time
During the Swedish massage treatment, the masseur uses several techniques..

Neck/back/Shoulder (Chair) Massage

Stress relieving neck, back, shoulder massage

You do sitting work all day? At the end of the day, you feel like you can't move? Do you have pain in your back, shoulders, arms?

If you only have 25 or 30 minutes to spare, but you don't want to get undressed, or if you're in a hurry ...

Here's the solution!

Body Shaping massage

Slimming ( Cellulite ) massage or body shaping massage
Cellulite massage is a special massage technique, some elements of which are more powerful than Swedish massage.
Because their goal is to break down fat cells so that the toxins stored in them can leave our body permanently when they enter the bloodstream.
Due to the nature of cellulite massage primarily localized in certain parts of the body ,thigh, bottom, arm, tummy.
The end result is visibly silky skin, tighter body contour, smoother skin surface.
After the treatment, it is advisable to increase the fluid intake to 2-3 liters of water per day. Increase exercise, which can even be a regular walk!
As with everything, it is true that figure formation requires perseverance, effort and patience.
And once we have achieved the desired result, we must strive to maintain these results, that is, the lifestyle change that we have launched during the massage is worth continuing.

To whom is body shaping massage not recommended?
breastfeeding mothers
cancer patients
vasoconstriction in case of varicose veins
female hemorrhage
also not recommended for a debilitated body

Face Massage

Face massage - facial rejuvenating massage

Suffering from bags under the eyes, wrinkles and dark circles?

Benefits of facial massage:

- Natural refreshment
- The skin will be smoother and more elastic
- Improves metabolism around the eyes
- Wrinkles go away
- Brings tired skin to life
- It slows down aging