Most people think that the best way to relax from busy everyday life is a quite long vacation. The energy that is consumed while working can be recovered as a result of a long rest. The longer the vacation, the better.
Breaking out of the squirrel hampster is very important, but there are plenty of benefits in both short and long-term vacations.

At the same time, many people do not go on leave at all, or only for a very short time, for fear that a multitude of tasks will fall on them when they return.
It doesn’t matter how one spends their days off and how they try to recharge, the summer vacation is a social program for most of us, the highlight of the year, and the whole family is preparing for it excitedly.


Do we know what the concept of active rest means? How is it different from passive rest? When we relax passively, we sleep, read, talk, or listen to music, for example.
Active rest, on the other hand, is a movement activity that is not performance-oriented, which we do not exhaust due to its intensity. Both forms of relaxation are leisure activities, an experience that is of great importance in our lives.

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